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Dedicated Stellar Customer Service & Satisfaction


We love our customers as close friends and family. We want everyone who steps into our café feel the comfort of home. We achieve this with our friendly, professional barista's who are not only trained to make high quality drinks but are also personable with our customers.

"Staying in the area from out of town and so glad we found this spot. The Nitro cold brew in amazing and the frozen java! Lots of customers came in and staff pretty much knew everyone by name and their orders.They were incredibly personable that contributed to the good vibe. Highly recommend!"

"An absolute treasure and a local best networking spot for many, many years. Great people come together there 7 days a week for good coffee and great conversation!"

"It's like Cheers without the beer. Staff makes the place special. Coffee is pretty darn good too."

"Excellent coffee and delicious local bialis, always happy to catch up with who ever is behind the counter!! 10/10 would Hava Java again!"

"Love love love this place. Total neighborhood coffee shop vibe, great coffee, nothing overpriced, and my personal fave- big variety in the pastry department- every time I go it seems like there's a different selection of yummy stuff to chose from!"

"Love Love a Hava Java! Their coffee is so good and it is always such a treat to enjoy a latte with my favorite girls! By far my favorite coffee in AZ!"

"In love with the Chai, iced, whatever, just give me a Hava Java Chai!!!! Speed of service is great. Baristas are friendly

and easy going."

"Quaint, friendly coffee house! Love their coffee (iced and hot) and iced pomegranate green tea!"

"Great coffee and friendly people makes for a 5 star experience."

"My super favorite place for iced teas in the valley. I say this because the teas are loose-leaf and brewed when ordered. There are no packets of tea lying around."

"Kara and Tiffany are always there to greet you with a smile and the best iced latte in town. No wonder they win all the coffee awards!"

"I have searched multiple states for a coffee shop that compares to HJ, and have yet to find one. Try the iced white mocha with hazelnut. Yum!!"

"There's free wi-fi, and a cozy yet open back patio with great views of Camelback- perfect because there's always seating and it's covered for shade (or in case of rain!)."

"Super friendly baristas, and this place is always busy- the corporate business scene early in the AM, post-yoga class moms mid-morning, the study crowd in the afternoons, and a bit of a social scene if you catch it on the right night (esp. with G-spot right next door!)."

"Can't say enough good things about Hava!"

"The staff is super friendly and it is a great neighborhood atmosphere! Also, love the punch cards especially when I get a free one!!"

"Their espresso is pretty good and according to my wife, their tea is the best she's had in town. It is the best place for coffee that I know of in the area."

"Also I get a large 32oz pomegranate-green iced tea for only $2.50 compared to that one well known "coffee" place where I can't even

get a Venti for that price."

"Love the atmosphere - especially when the weather permits opening the sliding doors in the front."

"What sets Hava Java apart from the rest of the coffee shops in town is the amazing service you'll get there. I recently returned to Phoenix after spending a few years in Oregon and when I stopped into Hava Java, not only did I recognize the barista behind the counter, but she recognized me, too. That is pretty impressive after a couple years.

After talking with her for a while, it turns out that the owner takes really good care of his employees (full benefits, etc.) and they have very little turnover there. She said that they have only lost one person since I have been away. That is impressive for a coffee shop. "I especially enjoy their vanilla latte."

"Hava Java is a great place to go if you're looking to quickly grab something to go or even if you are looking for a fun place to hang out. The staff is always very nice and work efficiently! I always get an Americano which has great flavor."

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