Hava Java - Coffee House

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"Their espresso is pretty good and according to my wife, their tea is the best she's had in town. It is the best place for coffee that I know of in the area."

"Also I get a large 32oz pomegranate-green iced tea for only $2.50 compared to that one well known "coffee" place where I can't even get a Venti for that price."

"Love the atmosphere - especially when the weather permits opening the sliding doors in the front."

"What sets Hava Java apart from the rest of the coffee shops in town is the amazing service you'll get there. I recently returned to Phoenix after spending a few years in Oregon and when I stopped into Hava Java, not only did I recognize the barista behind the counter, but she recognized me, too. That is pretty impressive after a couple years.  After talking with her for a while, it turns out that the owner takes really good care of his employees (full benefits, etc.) and they have very little turnover there. She said that they have only lost one person since I have been away. That is impressive for a coffee shop. "I especially enjoy their vanilla latte."

"Hava Java is a great place to go if you're looking to quickly grab something to go or even if you are looking for a fun place to hang out. The staff is always very nice and work efficiently! I always get an Americano which has great flavor."